Throughout my journalism career, I have written many stories. And each one of them is close to my heart. But I do have some personal favourites.

Stories of courage and love


Photo: Rahul Saharan

IN PHOTOS: A One-Of-Its-Kind Fashion Shoot With The Most Unique Models You’ll Ever See

They Said She Wouldn’t Walk. So She Became a Biker, Swimmer and Athlete Instead!

A Couple in Mumbai Provides Free Food to the Needy Every Day. The Reason Will Melt Your Heart

At Birth, Doctors Gave Her 100 Hours to Live. Today She Is 16, an Author, Radio Host & More!

A Couple Found an Abandoned Girl on the Street. What They Did after That Is Changing Many Lives.

This American Girl Watched a Film, Came to India & Started a Movement with Used Bars of Soap

The Heartwarming Tale Of A Friendship That Defeated Disability

Inspirational women

women feat

She Begged On Streets So She Could Feed Every Orphan She Saw! Can You Imagine Anyone More Heroic?

How This Survivor Of An Acid Attack Rebuilt Her Life And Is Now Helping Other Victims To Do The Same

An 80 Year Old Teacher Goes from Park to Park Conducting Classes for Deprived Kids

Did You Ever Think A Rural Woman Could Become A Security Guard? She Did!

How Cancer Gave Yassmen A New Life

How Jaya Devi used Rain Water Harvesting to Fight Naxalites & Moneylenders in her Village in Bihar

Inspirational men

men feat

This Man Wants Girls to Study. Even If He Has to Pay Them to Come to School!

The Man Who Creates Artificial Glaciers To Meet The Water Needs Of Ladakh

From Cremating Dead Bodies to Tackling Sewage – Guddu Baba Did It All for a Clean Ganga

The Man Who Has Created 33 Forests In India – He Can Make One In Your Backyard Too!

At Age 9, He Would Come Back from School and Teach Less Privileged Kids in His Village

Meet the Man who Designed a Sanitary Napkin that Costs Less than a Cup of Tea

This Retired Railway Employee has used his Pension to fill more than 1100 Potholes in Hyderabad

One Man is Breaking all Stereotypes attached with Indian Weddings

How One Man Is Using Football To Create Bankers Out Of Ragpickers!



A Simple Technology That Can Solve India’s Clean Water Problem For Just Rs 3,000

He Designed A Shoe For The Visually Impaired That Vibrates To Show Them The Right Path

7 Students Discussed India’s Agricultural Woes In College. What Followed Was A Revolutionary Idea.

The Young Rural Entrepreneur Who Is Helping Hundreds Of Farmers With His Low-Cost Innovations

She Was 12 Years Old When She Invented An Adjustable Walker To Help Climb Stairs

The Farmer Who Designed The Revolutionary Turbine That Can Pump Water Without Electricity Or Diesel

A Time Bomb, An Automatic Food Maker, A Robot – Here’s Why Abhishek Is The Coolest Innovator We Know!

How Indrajit’s Simple Innovation Is Changing The Way Ginger And Turmeric Is Planted In The Country

The Man Who Is Solving Some Of India’s Biggest Agriculture Problems With His Simple Inventions

Environment and Agriculture


Do You Know That Bees Are Doubling The Yield Of Indian Farmers? Here’s How.

The Man Who Is Using Cameras To Revolutionize Agriculture In India

The Couple Who Bought Barren Land In 1991 And Transformed It Into A 300 Acre Wildlife Sanctuary



At 19, Ze Came out of the Closet. Today, Ze Is Helping the LGBTQIA Community Live with Dignity.

From Dancing On Trains To Becoming India’s First Transgender Mayor: Meet Madhu Kinnar

In a First, Karnataka Govt to Honour a Transgender with the Rajyotsava Award

Some random stuff

Did You Know That The Largest Air Evacuation In History Was Done By India?

Have You Explored These 14 Good Old Traditional Markets of India?

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