About Me

I am a journalist based out of India. I document stories of social, rural, and environmental change.

I believe in writing stories that change lives. Bringing those stories out, which are otherwise not considered “newsworthy” is my passion and making ordinary stories extraordinary is what I do the best.

After completing my post-graduation in development journalism with multimedia as my specialisation, I worked extensively on writing about sustainability, green living, and environment issues. I also worked on a book, which focused on rural Karnataka and success stories of how people there are beating all odds to make the best use of limited opportunities.

This was followed by my work in the field of positive journalism where I produced some of the most amazing stories of change, which actually created on the ground impact.

A story I did on World’s Youngest Headmaster Babar Ali was published by Oxford University Press in school textbooks.

Having seen the power of stories, I now want to take this art across the globe. I am now focusing on world issues,  solutions, and the success stories.

The Stories of Change

I started a publication, The Stories of Change in 2017. The publication documents stories of social change at the grassroots level.  I won Digital Woman Award- 2017 under the category “Unique Content Platform” for The Stories of Change. The awards were given by SheThePeople, Google and Axis Bank.

My INK Talk will give you more details about the work I do:

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