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  1. We would like to re-publish one of your articles from Better India: “14 Indian Scientists who changed the world”. Please send me a reply so that I can send you more details of this magazine. Thanks


  2. Hi shreya .. I am Chandni Shah from mumbai .. I am a member of MAD Foundation form Mumbai … though have not been much active physically… but try my best to give back to our country and it’s people in some or the other way ..
    Recently I read stories and articles on Internet about children from remote areas within India have to face so many challenges to reach their schools .. and the best part is after facing such difficulties they are not giving up on their studies.. Now I really have no idea about how much government is being at their help.. but I want to do something for them with the help of MAD Foundations and Budhelia foundation as well .. if you can help me with the list of such schools or places within India .. where kids are so determined and really want to study for their betterment but have to face so many obsticals.
    It’s a humble request to please help me out to help those lil kids..


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